Mold Remediation

Live and Work in a Mold-Free Environment

Excessive moisture can cause rapid development of molds in your house or building. When not spotted and treated immediately, these fungi will spread and grow, leaving a musty smell and discolored walls or floors. More importantly, mold infestations can negatively affect the health of those who are residing or working in your property.

Start taking action even before the ill effects of this kind of fungus begin to manifest in your house or building. For outstanding mold remediation services, rely on Go Green Services. We are experts in performing black mold removal.

How We Work

When working on a mold-infested area on your property, we’ll set up containment to prevent the fungi from spreading. Additionally, we only utilize natural EPA solutions in treating affected surfaces.

When the infestations are disturbed, they can release spores that will begin to circulate inside your property. To keep you from inhaling these harmful particles, we use negative air scrubbers to remove molds that are suspended in the air.

As damp and moist areas are the breeding grounds for molds, we perform moisture control measures to prevent these fungi from growing in your property. This way, we are able to treat the root of your mold infestation problem.

Other Areas Where Molds Can Thrive

Air and Dryer Ducts

Our team can give your air or dryer ducts a deep clean. Not only will it enhance the performance of your HVAC system, but it will also improve the quality of your indoor air.

Crawl Spaces

Moisture can easily accumulate in these areas, making them susceptible to mold growth. Get in touch with us, and let our team handle the job of cleaning your crawl space.

Moisture and Radiant Barriers

Droplets of water can be trapped inside moisture and radiant barriers. For this reason, they are also vulnerable to molds and other bacteria. If you want your moisture or radiant barrier to be clean and free from disease-causing microorganisms, turn to us.


Moldy insulation should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Contact us today, and our staff members will immediately work on cleaning it.

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